My Finance Director

The opportunity to have an experienced finance director on the team is great for your business, but employing one full-time can sometimes be unrealistic in terms of cost. This is where My Finance Director becomes invaluable.

My Finance Director is a service that provides you with your own ‘outsourced’ finance director, so you can tap into the support of having your own FD on board, at a fraction of the cost. My Finance Director goes a step further than My Management Accountant, in allocating a generous amount of time to being present with you at important meetings. This brings to the table a wealth of experience to comment on your behalf on financial issues and high level direction on all important business decisions.

At this level, we can work in conjunction with My Management Accountant, or we can bridge the gap to work with your existing traditional accountancy service.

Having My Finance Director is having a commitment to in-depth financial guidance, which may include steering the business in difficult times or helping to present your case to seek investment.

If this sounds of interest to you, call us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss further how this can be of help to you and your business.

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