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More than just the bottom line

As an accountancy firm, we are all about the numbers. But My Management Accountant are more than that. We’re all about developing our team members and helping them to meet their individual career goals. We focus on professionalism and make sure that our clients receive excellent service no matter what.

We’ve worked hard to identify and develop a set of core values for our team. It’s important that all of our staff understand the service that we provide to you, the client. We want to ensure the right level of professionalism in all of our work.

To give you an idea of our company culture, we’ve pulled together our key values and behaviours.



Our Key Values

Empowering People

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Investing in Success

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There when life happens

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Martin Bown

Founder & Managing Director

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Sara Whitton my management accountant

Sara Whitton

Client Services Director

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Always on hand to manage your account

Our team are friendly and approachable. We're always available to help with any financial queries or software issues. We invest in our staff and work hard to keep them up-to-date with the latest accountancy software and technology that's relevant to our industry.

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