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"I believe being naturally approachable facilitates strong working partnerships, but not at to the detriment of our professionalism." - Martin Bown, Director

Intergrity and professionalism at the core of our services

Through years of experience in the accountancy industry, we’ve identified some key values that our team adopt as part of “investing in success”. We want our employees to invest in the success of our team, our clients and themselves as individuals. These values all reflect how we interact and communicate with our clients, and highlight our professional attitude at work.

Be prepared for client calls and meetings

Time is precious. When you’re dealing with business owners, this couldn’t be more true. We encourage each staff member to understand what a client expects from a call or meeting and to make sure we have the relevant resources prepared in advance. Whether this is a regular update meeting for management accounts, or a tax planning meeting for a company’s directors.

We’re prepared, we’re informed, and we’re always ready to add maximum value for our clients.

Identify opportunities that will benefit our clients

We work hard to identify opportunities for your business. This can be anything from challenging you on your revenue, suggesting new routes to market, reducing your cost base, to highlighting opportunities for process improvement.

As an independent accountancy practice we have a unique view of the business landscape. We really look out for opportunities to introduce clients to each other for mutual benefit. When a client mentions they need a product or service, we can often look to our own client base to suggest a provider that can help. This is something we’ve done countless times over the years, instigating many new successful partnerships.

Challenge the status quo

We aim to help our clients’ businesses to improve, to grow, and to become more profitable. Sometimes this involves making incremental changes over time. Sometimes it means a more significant overhaul of current practices.

A good example of this might be changing accountancy software and moving to cloud-based accounting. We can automate certain steps to reduce manual data inputting and we can use more advanced reporting and forecasting features than ever before.

After many years of working with owner-managed businesses, we’ve learnt how to review, refine and implement changes to improve our clients’ businesses. We get to know your business, your marketplace, your key suppliers and your staff. We become an extension of your team. We don’t expect you to understand accountancy – we’ll support you and help you make the changes you want to make.

Be approachable and professional

Its often said that business owners would rather visit their dentist than their accountant. This clearly depends on how you feel about going to the dentist. But this analogy doesn’t ring true for the relationships we develop with our clients. We like to step out of the accountancy mould and set aside the stereotypical image of an accountant.

We work alongside our clients. We strive to be approachable and open in our communications. Our relationships with our clients are based on trust and understanding. At the same time, we do not let this affect our high standards of professionalism. As a team, we conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner when communicating with our clients or on their behalf.

Communicate proactively with clients to develop their business

Proactive communication means contacting clients outside of scheduled reports or meetings. It means sharing an idea in an email, rather than waiting until next weeks’ meeting.

To give you an example, you might notice that a client has had an article published in a local newspaper. They’re celebrating the fact that they will be taking on four new apprentices in the next couple of months. You might send an email to the client congratulating them and offering to schedule an appointment to speak to the payroll team to help their onboarding process run smoothly.

We encourage our team to think about the context of the work they’re doing and be creative when it comes to solving problems. It’s about anticipating our clients’ needs and adding value in a broader context.

If you feel as though these values fit with your personality and you’re ready for a new challenge in terms of your career, get in touch. We welcome speculative job applications from apprentice level through to fully ACA accredited accountants. 

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