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Compassion and understanding goes a long way

When Martin started My Management Accountant back in 2009, the idea was borne from the need to incorporate “life” into his work-life balance.

We all need to be aware of one another’s personal circumstances to a certain extent, to ensure that we can still deliver on our promises to our clients. This has been especially true throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; where unforeseen childcare issues or self-isolation has meant that we’ve had to pull together even more. We’ve put together some core values that highlight the importance of our team supporting each other, as well as our clients.

Recognise, support and cover

We try to ensure that our team know that if they need to step away from their desk to deal with ‘life’ then we can allow them to do just that. Regardless of whether it’s just for an hour or if they need to take an extended period of time, we will always do our best to work around them. In helping them deal with ‘life’ we’re still able to deliver on your ‘work’.

With significant combined experience of working in finance and operational teams, the whole team understand the importance of  delivering on our promises to clients. We have strategies in place to prevent any interruption to our clients’ accountancy services, no matter what life throws our way.

Regardless of the size of your business, no one individual will work solely with you. This ensures that not only do you have continuity of service delivery but that, more importantly, you receive the benefit of our team’s combined expertise.

Each member of our team works alongside someone else who has complimentary skills. Our more senior members of staff have experience across all of the services we offer, so somebody will always be able to pick up your project.

Celebrate success and achievement

Whether it’s welcoming a new client into the My Management Accountant community, a member of the team passing an exam, or a client winning a new contract, we make sure we acknowledge those milestones to put an extra smile on all of our faces.

Receiving just a simple “Thank You” from a client can mean the absolute world to us and is shared with the team!

Seek to understand clients, their businesses and appreciate their challenges

The very foundation of My Management Accountant and our outlook on the work-life balance applies not just to our team and business but to our wonderful clients as well.

As we work closely together it’s only natural that we get to know you personally, and how your work and life impact each other. You’d be surprised at how well a quick chat with one of our team can help refocus and change perspective; sometimes it needs an outside influence looking in to help you see whats right under your nose!

Rest assured, our whole team are here to step up and support you when you need us!

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