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Date posted: 2021-08-02

If you’re thinking of switching accountants from your current provider to working with My Management Accountant – it could be easier than you think.

You want your accountant to be proactive when it comes to the service they provide. Compliance is one thing that can probably be taken for granted. But an accountant that goes above and beyond can provide fantastic insights into how you can improve your business, increase profitability and make sure you’re running a tax-efficient organisation.

Many company directors and business owners aren’t happy with the service they’re getting from their accountancy firm. But they’re not interested in the “hassle” that switching accountants might bring. In reality – there is no hassle!

Speak to your existing accountant

You’ll have to give your existing accountant notice that you wish to leave their service. This should be done in writing – email is fine. The best time to switch is often your year-end. So you might suggest “on completion of year-end accounts dd/mm/yyyy”.

In this letter or email, you will want to include the details of the accountant you’re switching to. And let them know that you’ll need them to provide your new accountant with any information they request.

Register with your new accountant

Your new accountant will need various pieces of personal and company information. They will also carry out anti-money laundering checks – so you’ll need a copy of your passport and a recent utility bill. This is part of their due diligence checks and something every accountancy firm has to carry out.

You’ll also need to complete and sign a 64-8 form, which will authorise your new accountant to deal with HMRC on your behalf. This can now be done online, but you’ll still need to sign it.

Your new accountant will send you a “Letter of Engagement” which sets out the expectations and requirements between yourself and their accountancy team. This will probably need reading through carefully and signing.

All done! Sit back and keep running your business!

That’s all there is to it! You’ve changed accountants!

The new accountancy firm will then write to the old one requesting information. If you’re switching to My Management Accountant, we’ll request copies of previous accounts, tax returns and other records. We’ll ensure that the data is safely transferred to us and inputted into our systems. It couldn’t be easier!

If you need help and advice on switching accountants, or you’re looking to switch to online accounting services, get in touch with our team today.



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