Who are management accountants?

We often meet business owners who tell us they already have an accountant who does their "accounts", but then curiously say "but, tell me what it is you do".

This is the first in a series of blogs explaining who management accountants are, what we do, and why management accounts differ to "accounts".

So, who are management accountants?

Management accountants typically have a background in industry.  That gives us business acumen.  We understand how different parts of a business interact with each other.  Not all business decisions are based on finances.

Building on this, management accountants in industry frequently move on from the finance department, into all areas of an organisation.

A strong financial background, coupled with sound business experience perfectly places us to help businesses achieve sustainable success.  Here at My Management Accountant that means our client's business's - in fact, your business.

We chose to leave industry to offer our services to a range of businesses who normally wouldn't have the resource to employ a full time accountant (or do have the resource, but have no inclination to set up their own finance department!).

Isn't this the kind of accountant you'd want working with your business?






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