Want a good night's sleep?

In a recent Accountancy Age article, 650,000 micro businesses admitted to missing tax return deadlines, with over 200,000 of those businesses feeling overwhelmed from the burden and complexities of accounting.

20% of micro-business owners confess they manage their accounts via pen and paper.  

Twenty percent. One in five of all micro-businesses.  Pen. And. Paper. 

No wonder they feel overwhelmed and burdened.  I would too if I kept all my accounts written down on pieces of paper, or stored on excel spreadsheets.  

I know what else I'd do.  The absolute bare miminum.  Just enough to make sure HMRC received what they needed.  Nothing more than that.

No analysis of my sales.  No analysis of my costs.  No monthly review of my overall financial performance.  Definitely no forward planning.  My cashflow "forecast" would entail me logging on to my bank account, and seeing if anything was expected to be received or paid in the next day.

But there is another way.

We are working alongside an ever increasing number of businesses, using our expertise to streamline their record keeping, helping business owners understand their accounts, ensuring deadlines aren't missed, and supporting the owners as they plan for future growth.

One of our favourite testimonials?  "I started sleeping again when you became involved in my business".

So, to the "One in Fives", would you like to find out how we can help you get a good night's sleep again?





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